Who am I ?

My name is Aida Hammami and I am passionate about the history of art and the city of Paris.

During lively and friendly walks, I invite you to discover the history of Paris and its neighborhoods through the daily lives of Parisians yesterday and today.

My visits are for travelers to Paris as well as Parisians.


I mainly propose private or small group visits in order to favor exchange and sharing.

Each visit is a unique and original creation that I design myself.


I choose with care and attention every step, every story or anecdote that punctuates the tour.

My visits are enriched with photo supports on paper or tablet depending on the location and weather conditions.

Another episode in the #DiscoverVersaill

Licensed  tour Guide

Curious traveler, I made my passions my job by becoming an official tour guide

I am authorized to conduct guided tours of neighborhoods, historical monuments, national museums and exhibitions.

Professional National Guide card n ° 1475011P issued by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism.

Who is the tour guide ? 

A tour guide is firstly and foremost someone who tells you a story.

He likes to share, transmit, communicate and exchange. He is passionate!

 A tour guide can tell you the big story as well as all the details related to a place or to a certain setting, answer your questions and know how to adapt himself to different audiences (children, adults, people with disabilities ...) through tours that he personally designs.

In France, this profession is regulated as long as it is performed in a museum or historical monument.

It is mandatory to hold the professional guide-lecturer card to conduct guided tours in museums and historical monuments.


The card clearly identifies a professional guide and must be presented at the entrance of the museums of France and national monuments.

Why call a qualified guide ?

It is a guarantee of quality and seriousness. By contacting a qualified guide, you choose a professional and trained person to conduct guided tours and lectures. Guiding is a job!