Château de versailles

The Domain of Versailles

The Castle: a Typical Royal Residence

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Visit of approximately 1h30

Visit of approximately 4h ( Half-Day )

Visit of approximately 8h (Full-Day)

 All year round, the Palace of Versailles and its estate welcome guests from all over the world.

You will discover that before it was a hunting lodge. The Sun King wanted to keep it and add  new buildings.

You will know even more about the castle life before and after the French Revolution in  a memorable visit.

Between Courtyards and Gardens

The gardens of Versailles are the best example of French gardens . Many groves are well hidden. It is an open-air palace that Louis XIV wanted him to have to impress his visitors , even he took them himself in a stroll to discover such a beauty. André le Notre was able to satisfy the King with his creativity and the harmony he has added to this paradise.

The Trianons

A private palace in the garden that you can also visit. 

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This visit is for everyone.

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  • Benefit from a priority access without waiting

  • Discover the works not to be missed

  • Visit with a professional guide

  • Save time and get to the point

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– The Palace of Versailles is open every day, except Mondays.

– The Trianon Estate and the Coach Gallery open only in the afternoon from Tuesday to Sunday.